Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Business 1.0 to Business 3.0

I was thinking about differences between Business 1.0, Business 2.0 and Business 3.0 (still shaping). I could think of following things. All may not be correct and left for personal interpretation since term is yet to evolve. Concluding anything about 3.0 would be too hasty.

Business 1.0Business 2.0Business 3.0 (beta)
Publishing contentFeedback on contentAction on feedback
Company aloneCompany building communitiesCommunities of companies
Client-serverPeer-to-peerDistributed approach
HTMLXMLFurther-XML (may be semantics)
PagesBlogsCommunity applications
AdvertisingWord of mouthReward for sale through viral
Top to downDown to topBidirectional
Edited and producedRawChanneled
Banner adsAdsenseWeb coupons
TextMultimediaDynamic workflow-based media

Business 3.0 Beta Group

Web 2.0 has created hype but now it's time to test Web 2.0 Apps for practical enterprise / business purpose. I call it 'Business 3.0 beta' where Web 2.0 technology will move to next step.

Business 3.0 beta = Web 2.0 (C2C and B2C) + Web 2.0 (B2B)

If this model becomes successful at this juncture then Web 3.0 will move from 'muse word' to 'buzz word' and then to 'action word.'

There is one group created at LinkedIn. You can join it at Business 3.0 beta.